Allgeier Martin’s most important resource is people – people with the knowledge, prior experience and commitment to the client and project to see the job through in the best interest of the client. Our staff of engineers, technicians, and other professionals are dedicated to consistently providing quality, cost efficient projects year after year. Traditionally the principal officers have been involved with the company and active engineering work since the company’s inception in 1954. Many of the key staff engineers and technicians have been with Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. for over ten years. Our staff is also enhanced with young engineers and technicians, who bring fresh ideas and modern skills to the work force.

We enter into a project as if we were going to live with all its virtues and liabilities for years to come. This commitment to engineering has obvious benefits for our clients and their projects. By engaging Allgeier Martin, you secure the services of individual engineers who are well established in their careers, who have control over your project, and who are personally committed to the success of your project.

Corporate Leadership Team

Steve McNabb

McNabb, P.E.

Electrical Engineer
Dean Willis

Willis, P.E.

Chairman of the Board
Civil Engineer
Chris Erisman

Erisman, P.E.

First Vice President
Civil Engineer
Kurt Higgins

Higgins, P.E.

Senior Vice President
Civil Engineer
Barton Nichols

Nichols, P.E.

Executive Vice President
Electrical Engineer
Randy Adair
Randall J.

Adair, P.E.

Vice President
Electrical Engineer

Senior Project Leaders

Charles Patterson

Patterson, PhD, P.E.

Vice President
Civil Engineer
Mike Atkinson

Atkinson, P.E.

Vice President
Civil Engineer
Eric DeGruson
J. Eric

DeGruson, P.E.

Vice President
Civil Engineer
Eugene Spears

Spears, P.E.

Senior Vice President
Civil Engineer
John Riediger

Riediger, P.E.

Vice President
Electrical Engineer
Nic Jessip

Jessip, P.E.

Vice President
Electrical Engineer
Monnie Sears

Sears, R.L.S.

Corporate Assistant Secretary
Registered Land Surveyor